The Final Project

Hej, Alte! It’s finally time for me to unveil my Final Project, a retelling of everything I’ve studied in the style of the Prose Edda! It is technically a propaganda piece, so do not take it as an accurate depiction of history or reality, and while the entire text is in this post, please feel welcome to check out the attached link which contains commentary on the text.

Part I: The Righteous Rebellion

In the era in which a Lord from an island once of Langobardland sat upon the Throne of the Franks, and the Sons of Rollo fought against their ancestral homeland, did slow fortune and great peril find the Fair Kingdom of the Northmen. At this age did the kingdom of southern brothers, most of which we now call the Danish Realm, in fear of the Wood-Cavalry of Nelson, did they surrender the Fair Kingdom to eastern brothers. These brothers knew only wrath for the loss of Carolus and their Cousin-Victims at the hands of foes, two each from west and south, and one mighty eastwards. Yet still they had agreed to give southern land, not fit for a king and forgotten by its founders, in exchange for the Fair Kingdom.

Named for Faith and Father,

Arose a Prince quite Fair,

Rejected Cousin and Tongue-Kin

In Favor of Northmen.

Gave Power once Lost

To More than Past,

And Set the Structure

To Reclaim Her Stature.

When news of the Righteous Rebellion reached the ears of the Franklord of Sweden, he refused all treaties, regardless of benefit, and in wrath surrendered that Southern Lordship to the Black Eagles of Rome. The wrath-made warmongers butchered through their brothers from the Fair Kingdom, in service to that Frankman.

Part II: The Union Under Sweden

Not one winter did the Righteous Rebellion see, yet half a hundred hence did the Fair Kingdom expand past the corn coasts and the fish fields, and her Fair Tongue at long last knew text on timber-tablets. For the Fair Farmers saw fit to oppose the Franklord and those who followed from Sweden, for they found their Rights Restored in Rites Written from the Righteous Rebellion, for Reimbursement their Reward would be.

From whence come Northern Tongue?

A Thousand Homes or Broad Beech-Bark Lung?

Words of our Loved-Land or Land Lovely in Name?

As Seen in the Skaldic Successor Folk-Fiddler’s Fame,

And the Heirs of Runes born at Ringerike in Rectory

Merely One may never make the Most Memorable Memory.

Rising as a Raven under Worker’s Wings, the Fair Kingdom Gold from Kingdom Great and Beyond Further did Find. Lauded Liberty to and fro the Fair Kingdom did travel. From Sovereign States, Republican Revolutions, and Unification Upheavals, Ingrained Independence-Inspiration in the Fair Kingdom became. 

Part III: Haakon the Patriot

In the age Nine-Winters preceding Fimbulvetr did the Lord of the Eastern Brothers earnestly bequeath the land of the Fair Kingdom to the Northmen, yet to what purpose serves a Crown with no Crown? A Feast with No Host? A Crew with no Captain? The Fair Kingdom found her a Prince, well-versed in the viking ways, and kin of the Faithful preface of one named Tarquin westerly. This Prince preached and practiced the ideals of freedom found in the Fair Kingdom, and refused the Crown until Common Subjects spoke his name in Favor. 

When Crowned the Prince most Fair

Humbly he proclaimed, heard to great Cheer,

“Haakon, my name” not one of his kin,

But a hero grand to the Northmen.

A Purpose called to him no Greater,

To serve as Equals the will of Lord and Commoner

When south-folk brutal as their barbaric hero came,

The crown, he ensured, in the Fair Kingdom must remain.

It was buried humbly, for in no grave could it imprison,

And freed five winters hence Thrice the Sun had risen.

Freed following the fate of Ragnarok, the Righteous Reign of Honorable Haakon had returned. Through an age filled with fear westerly, eastwards, and southly more than most, under Haakon a Home and Haven the Fair Kingdom became.

Most Fair from Foot to Hair,

He, a Hero, United our Terre.

Most Great and Most Grand,

This Lord, we’ll Laude, saved our Land.

With his Blood-Brush Bared,

He, our Savior, kept us from Makes-Scared.

From these thousand homes Haakon rose to the fore,

Against hate-born Rome and her Black Eagle’s wrath-roar.

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