Norway’s Economic Development

The Norwegian Economy, much like the rest of Norwegian Society under Sweden, developed and helped further the cause of Norwegian Independence. The world-wide expansion of free trade, for all its faults in the modern age, was the spark that ignited the Norwegian Economy. Norway’s agricultural industry, which as previously established was 80% of the economy and only forestry was integrated into monetary markets, advanced from solely grain-based production (referred to as corn in Norway) to a dairy-heavy system, and agricultural universities were founded. The fishing industry expanded from the coasts of Norway to richer fishing banks, fueling the growth of the new canned fish industry. The forestry industry expanded to pulp and paper, the latter of which no doubt was influential in the formalization of a Norwegian written language and the first written Norwegian folk tales around the same time.

Northern Lights has proved to be a treasure trove of information, so much so that it has expanded the focus of my independent study. I look forward to studying it more and seeing all the connections I will make.

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