Interim Reflection

The following is a reflection on the Independent Study

What is exciting you so far? Honestly, how much of what I’m researching connects to world events, such as the decline of Denmark, the rise of Prussia, the Napoleonic Wars, the rise of Liberalism and Nationalism, and the unification of Germany and Italy.

What is surprising or frustrating? Honestly, it has been difficult finding sources, as many of them are in German and my Norwegian is only good enough to correct mistakes that Google Translate makes.

What are you learning about learning? It is very, very easy to fall into rabbit holes.

Where are you recording information, ideas, questions, resources, etc.? And how do you anticipate using this material, either in this project or in the future? While some parts I keep in physical spaces, such as my art, I use a word document to keep track of all my resources.

How is your time management working out? Excluding earlier issues with the technology, it has been working out very well. I’ve had plenty of time to read, write, and draw for the IS.

Is there any need for change in the way you’re approaching this course? Yes. Finding out specific information regarding Norwegian political history and art history can be quite difficult at time, but there are workarounds and I will probably be making art at an increased rate than I initially predicted.

In what ways does the reality match the proposal, and in what ways does it differ? It is still roughly the same, though I’ve abandoned the monthly art and subject concept I initially had. I’m excited to start going far more in depth with Norwegian art.

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